Catastrophes" Soundtrack Tabbed by Jasper Lee Intro Verse 1 Hey, I'm not shy So I'm gonna ask you for a dance. And I hope it lasts all night Cos' I might not see you ever again. Verse 2 (same as verse 1) And I heard that you are shy, Pushpin told me just the other night. And I know that can't be true, When I'm with you, you won't shut up. I do believe, I am shy as you (X2) Verse 3 And I like to kiss you goodnight, just like I did in my dreams And I hope that it's alright. We can make the room- No one will know. Instrumental Lead in But I heard that you are shy, Pushpin told me the other night. But I know that's a lie, By the way you look at me. Chorus I do believe, I am shy as you (X4) 2:21 of pop perfection!!!! The cream of indie pop!!!

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