Table For One


Tabdeb by R.Gesmundo([email protected]) * The bass for this tune follows along the same lines as the guitar ... E---------------------------------------------------------------------------- B---------------------------------------------------------------------------- G-------2--0-------------0--------------------------------------------------- D--------------2-------------3---0------------------------------------------- A----0------------0---3--------------0----3---5--5---0--3---5--5--3--5--3---- E--------------------------------------------------------------------------3-- This is to be used during the intro as well as on *** Just get it over and done with Tell me you 've found somebody new And I'll stop with all the questions I'll stop bugging you ***I know you don't need a reason 'Cos I've been away so long But don't tell me you love me , if it's true , then I won't come home ( chorus )Every one of our friends said we'd be back together Well give me table for one 'cos they're all wrong small little riff < E------------------------------------------- B---3--1------------------------------------ G---------2--0------------------------------ D--------------2--3---0--------------------- A------------------------------------------- E------------------------------------------- Looks like it really is over We haven't spoken for a year Your voice is so far away I can hardly hear you speak ***I know you got a new boyfriend I read about it in a dream You got lost in the Blue Mountains on a long weekend What a shame ( chorus )Every one of our friends said we'd be back together Well give me table for one 'cos they're all wrong

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