Australia BAND: GRINSPOON TITLE: BUTCHER EP: LICKER BOTTLE COZY TUNING: DADGBE TABBED BY: CC ([email protected]) This song is amazingly simple and it still rips! Dropped as in all other Grinspoon songs. There?s a very Nirvana feel to this song. The song is made up of two main parts. The bass riff and the guitar part in the chorus. BASS RIFF: Recurrent throughout the song. e----------------------------------- B----------------------------------- G----------------------------------- D----------------------------------- A----------------------------------- D---1---5-4---4-3---3-2---2-2-4-3--- GUITAR PART: Comes in on the chorus. e-----|-----|-----|-----|-- B-----|-----|-----|-----|-- G-----|-----|-----|-----|-- D--1--|--5--|--4--|--3--|-- A--1--|--5--|--4--|--3--|-- D--1--|--5--|--4--|--3--|-- Believe it or not, that is the all there is to the song. There is one part where the gutiar plays the same part as the bass and another bit where it speeds up towards the end, but that?s it. Enjoy.

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