Baby close your eyes and hear the words I say Oh I realize That you're in a lot of pain and I apologize I never wanted it this way, Please...don't cry Baby I sold your dog on eBay We both knew that we had bills to pay It was either him or my PlayStation 2 which doesn't even eat food and will never ever pee on the duvet One day I came home and that dog had escaped he forsook his bone and instead he ate everything I own from the couch to the drapes I called you on the phone And said "I'm selling him on eBay We both know that we've got bills to pay He peed on season 2 of Deep Space 9 That's crossing the line I'm listing the auction today" I put him in a box with some Styrofoam peanuts a bag of kibble and a couple of milk bones the guy online paid for overnight shipping so the very next day he was in Buffalo Oh, please don't cry, Oh, please don't cry, Baby, please don't cry, Goddammit, stop crying. He is an ugly dog like a ball of walking fuzz and he poops constantly more than any other dog does but we won't have to worry about it anymore because please listen to me Yeah I sold him on eBay we both knew that we had bills to pay I got a hundred fifty dollars for that mutt that peed all over my floor and I know they'll be hell to pay Yeah we had bills to pay so I sold her dog on eBay I told her "you have got to understand it yeah, he could sit but he absolutely couldn't stay. yeah, he could sit but he absolutely couldn't stay."