This is an awesome song to listen to or to play. It really is a shame that the Hoodoos have decided to call it a day. At least the music will live on! Enjoy this classic. Tabbed by C.Hamilton ([email protected]) INTRO: (repeat) VERSE 1: God only knows how far you've come It must be light years from here Some distant star you call "the sun" Does someone miss you back there? Another world is calling you Another world is coming throug VERSE 2: You look like me, you talk like me I could believe you're human! But, late at night, I catch your eye And I know what you're thinking Another world is calling you Another world is coming through BRIDGE: a ahh a a ahh a calling you a ahh a a ahh a calling you Calling you to come home then: (x8) Another world VERSE 3: You can't escape from gravity For you, this earth's a prison What I would call "human" in me For you would be "perversion" REPEAT CHORUS

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