(all barred chords) Hey everybody gather 'round Say do you like what's coming down Everyone feels the same as you So you know what you have to do Stand your ground for your point of view To thine own self you have to be true Hey everybody do you hear The sound of marching drawing near Are you trapped in a combat zone On your feet 'cos you're not alone Gotta move like a rollin' stone Heading out for the great unknown Everybodys got to make their choice Everybodys gotta find a voice Are you ready to hear some noise Push until we find that this time We've reaced the end of the line Hey everybody here we go From timbuktu to Tokyo From the _______ to the Amazon All the way back to Babylon Call the man in the pentagon Let him know where we're coming from 'Til we've reached the end of the line 'Til we've reached the end of the line {solo} Push until we find that this time We've reached the end of the line Hey everybody gather round Hey everybody do you hear Hey everybody here we go Copyright EMI Music Publishing; reprinted with kind permission. Transcribed by Scott Patterson Lyrics only version Printable version Please mail any comments / suggestions / submissions to [email protected] Crank Index Guitar Archive main page My home page Last updated Tuesday, September 30, 1997 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Monash University Personal Page Disclaimer This is a personal page published by the author. The ideas and information expressed on it have not been approved or authorised by Monash University either explicitly or impliedly. In no event shall Monash University be liable for any damages whatsoever resulting from any action arising in connection with the use of this information or its publication, including any action for infringement of copyright or defamation.

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