I Was A Kamikaze Pilot

Hoodoo Gurus

Intro- AI was a was a kamikaze pilot They Dgave me a plane GI couldn't fly it ATaught how to take off I don't know how to land They Dsay it doesn't matter and GI just cannot Aunderstand EI was a kamikaze pilot They Ggave me a plane CI couldn`t Ffly it Ahome ALeft my happy homeland in a Zero DI got engine trouble so I Gcouldn't be a hero A (Do you think I care?) ANow I ll keep my two feet on the ground DCause when you're in the clouds GEverybody tries to shoot you down EI was a kamikaze pilot They Ggave me a plane CI couldn't Ffly it Ahome CI couldn't Ffly it Ahome (I gotta go) Solo- (Solo in Cminor) AOn an island there ain't too much to do DLook after number one Gbecause I think AI can see Lee Marvin chasing after you ATake me, wake me Tell me when it's over I've been waiting fourty years I can't wait any longer No, no, no no no, not for you repeat Chorus AI was a was kamikaze (Uh, uh uh) AI was (I was) I was (I was) I was (I was) DUh Guh Auh DUh Guh Auh ACherry blossoms falling down x4 Outro-

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