Intro. E|------------------------------------------0---2----------0---2--2-3-2-0------ B|-------0-----------------------0------3-------3------3------------------------- G|-----0--------------0-------0------2--------------2---------------------------- D|---2---------------0-------2-----0--------------0------------------------------ A|---2--------------2-----3------------------------------------------------------- E|-0-------0--2--3--------------------------------------------------------------- E|------------------------------------------0---2----------0---2----------0----- B|-------0-----------------------0------3-------3------3--------3-------0------ G|-----0--------------0-------0------2--------------2-------------2----0------ D|---2---------------0-------2-----0--------------0--------------------2------- A|---2--------------2-----3--------------------------------------------2------- E|-0-------0--2--3-----------------------------------------------------0------- Your kiss can leave me cold. I miss the fire that our hearts used to hold. Oh-oh, oh-oh, there's no danger anymore, E|---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- B|---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- G|------------------------5-----7b------------------------------------------------ D|---------------5----7------------------------------------------------------------ A|------5----7--------------------------------------------------------------------- E|----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Oh-oh, oh-oh, you're not a stranger anymore And I'm out that door (Out that door), I'm out that door (If you call) But I'm not sure When we decided not to care for each other anymore. By rights we should be friends. E|--------------------------------------------------------------------------- B|--------------------------------------------------------------------------- G|-----------------2-------------------------------------------------------- D|-------2-----5-----5-----2---------------------------------------------- A|-------------------------------5------2-3-0----------------------------- E|------------------------------------------------0------------------------- My pride was hurt but is that so hard to mend? Oh-oh, oh-oh, I've been trying not to 'phone, Oh-oh, oh-oh, I've gotta know if you're alone And I'm out that door (Out that door) If you'll just call (If you call) And day or night - (Night and day) Anytime at all - (If you call) But should I wait? (Should I wait?) We're always breaking up, and making up so much better than before. ( Solo 1) Estou tirando os dois solos galera,vou manda-los o mais rápido vlw Your touch is my unknown So much to learn, So little time to know. Oh-oh, oh-oh, we're not strangers anymore Out that door (out that door) Into the light (into light) We'll face the world (out that door) Just you and I (you and I) We'll breathe the air (out that door) That freedom brings (freedom brings) We'll sing the song (out that door) Freedom sings (freedom sings) I look in your eyes and it's understood Oh-oh,eeeee x4 (Solo 2)

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