There's some hammers and pulls in amoungst the verses which I haven't worked out yet.   
Sadly this is the first song I've ever worked out all by myself (claps for the musically  
challenged) and its real easy and sounds pretty much spot on.  Comments or anything email  
me at [email protected] 
Verse -  
There's songs about longing 
cause longings all I do 
If I could count the hours 
I spent longing after you 
Pre-Chorus -  
You say you are just what you love 
I'm not so sure I like what I've become 
Chorus -  
But its true 
I'm falling after you 
until I'm proven wrong 
that's what I'm gonna do 
like a russian worry doll 
I'll sleep beneath your pillow 
I wonder if she hears 
the prayers I whisper there 
Other lyrics 
Verse 1 
There's songs about waiting 
bause waitings all I do 
the necessary patience 
to find something as good as you 
They say you'll find if you cannot look 
well I'm not so sure just who wrote that book