Intro: x2 Verse: I try to talk to you and can't get past the weather and the friend I thought I knew found somethin'somewhere better So I?m hanging on your line I Thought we could speak together Tell me what it is with you E--------------------5----------------------5---- B--------------------5----------------------5---- G--------------------5---------------------5----- D--------------------2--------------------------- A------------------0----------------------------- E-----------------0-------0---3--5--3-0-5-------- you seem gone forever Chorus: I'm spendin' all my time driven round thinkin' clever With a girl who seems all right and another one who's better I don't know if I lied when I said we're not together But I try to talk to you, some how you seem gone Thats it, theres a chorus with single slow strums but thats easy to follow. Have fun. Comments and corrections to [email protected]

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