Home Again by Mark Seymour (as performed on "The Panel" CD, Channel 10 Melbourne) from "King Without a Clue" albumn - For all those Hunters and Collectors fans here is the best single from frontman Mark Seymour's solo albumn Intro: (NB: the change b/w is a little more complex but easy to work out if playing with the CD- not enough time to work it out properly) Intro Line 1 ------2-----------2----------0----------0------- ------3-----------3----------3----------3------- ------------------------------------------------ ----------0-----------0------------0----------0- ------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------ (times 3) then: Intro Line 2 1---------------------- 2 --------2------------ 3 ------2-----------0-- 4 ----2-----------0---- 5 --0-----------2------ 6 ------------3-------- Verse 1: (dampen chords with heel of hand) Surely not the place to make a movie, Surely not the time to begin again, but I'm head'n down to the town of shadows tonight (full strumming) Its not paradise but I'm Home again Well I'm nervous and drifting like a stranger But I've been around here many times before And these disconnected memories are in danger Losing you scares me right to the core BRIDGE 1: Well the last thing you said to me cut close to the bone, And I carried it inside of me like some heavy stone Well I pray you're alone CHORUS: D And you're home___________ again_______ Yea you're home___________ again______ Verse 2: I remember perfect open spaces, I remember running just to meet you there But I see the desperation in their faces People whisper, there's fear in the air Bridge 2: Laying low is easy there's no worries at all But it takes a little change to make a telephone call When the writing's on the wall CHORUS *BRIDGE II* different from other bridge (I think its correct) Well I've paid for all my troubles and I've risen to the top A G But I'm still living in the land time forgot I'm the kind who never knew when to stop G/F# A G But change is in the wind ready or not INTRO Line 1 Verse 3: (dampen chords) There's a demolition derby in the garden They say the past does'nt matter any more Well the future is a secret closely guarded No amount of faith could ever even the score (full strumming) Bridge 3: Sudden death is soon to be the biggest game in town The only antedote to all the grief that's going down There's no 'when you were here' keeps me around well my feet are on the ground *(NB the extra line of the bridge here just repeats the chords of the previous line) CHORUS (times 3) and end. Any comments/questions email me at: [email protected] enjoy,

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