Vows have been broken The truth has been spoken At last I can see the light My people have wandered The land has been plundered Is this the end in sight? I've cursed and I've cried And I'm twisted inside And I can't keep my anguish at bay ----------------------------------- *(But) I'm not ready to go I'm not ready to go I'm not ready Ready to go ---------------------------------- With the good book in hand the European man came preaching the word of the Lord So gentle and kind With love on his mind (He) said "If you live by you'll die by the sword" Some chose to believe, some chose to fight Some vanished in the dead of the night --------------------------------------------------- *(But) I'm not ready to go I'm not ready to go I'm not ready I'm not ready to go I'm not ready to go I'm not ready Ready to go ---------------------------------------------------- (Well) I'm young and I'm strong And I've lasted this long And I know how to get through the day There's nowhere to hide But I've still got my pride And no one can take that away *(But) I'm not ready to go I'm not ready to go I'm not ready I'm not ready to go I'm not ready to go I'm not ready Ready to go I'm not ready.. ---------------------------------------------------------- Open Chords for Song e---1------0---------1-------0------2-----0----3-| B---3------3---------1-------1------4-----2----3-| G---2------2---------2-------0------4-----2----0-| D---0------0---------3-------2------4-----2----0-| A---x------x---------3-------3------2-----0----2-| E---x------x---------1-------x------2-----x----3-| Barre Chords e---5------5---------1---8-----8------7-----5----3----| B---6------5---------1---10----8------7-----5----3----| G---7------7---------2---10----9------8-----6----4----| D---7------7---------3---10----10-----9-----7----5----| A---5------5---------3---8-----10-----9-----7----5----| E---5------5---------1---8-----8------7-----5----3----| "Ready To Go" came as a result of watching a 'Four Corners' special on Aboriginal youth suicide in Broome, listening to the Neil Young song "Cortez the Killer", and living through 2000. John Howard's 'year of living dangerously'. It is the story of being conquered by a foreign invader and an unquenchable thirst for freedom. Starkly presented with Irish tin whistle, double bass and acoustic guitar, it draws melodic reference form traditional Irish protest hymns. Seymour sings from the point of view of the prisoner, the slave or the defeated warrior. "We recorded this track absolutely live. James Kempster on bass and Andrew Carswell on the tin whistle." Transcribed by Stuart Hawkins I haven't had the pleasure of hearing the Original version of this song from the 'One Eyed Man' album of Mark's, but I must say that his live versions and the version I own on 'Daytime and the Dark' are great and touching songs. I could not find the Guitar Tab of this song anywhere on the internet, so had a go at working it out myself. If it's incorrect please feel free to visit my website of accumulated tabs and email me: http://www.geocities.com/vitalguitartabs/ Also add to it if you like. You may just use this as a starting point. Enjoy the music! Visit http://www.markseymour.com.au

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