||:/ Bjorn is just a Viking He is very handy with a sword He loves nothing better Than to cut and slash right through a horde Mutilation, Jubilation Friendly muscles, in a tussle |///|////| Anna's a girl Viking She is very handy with a spear She won't wear silk stockings Armour-plated garmets are her sphere In the fjords, you can hear them Eerie horns blow, Viking love show Bjorn and Anna earnt their leisure They have each other for their pleasure ||:///| ||:///|////:|| Bjorn is on his longship He and Anna fought it out today Says it is their Waterloo Vikings shouldn't mix their work and play All that blonde hair, for them to share So much plunder, cut asunder Now when Bjorn and Anna see each other It's on the battlefield,not as lovers ||:///| Those Vikings love to fight and play Fighting berzerk warriors Hey hey! Those Vikings love to f/muck around Fighting berzerk warriors In the sound

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