Australia COME AROUND (Martin Plaza) As performed by Mental As Anything From the 1980 Regular Album "Expresso Bongo" D19561 ? Syray Music 1980 Transcribed by Justin Watson, [email protected] Any comments, correspondence, criticisms or corrections welcome. You know where I can be found I don't see why you don't come around I have my own life And now I'm sure that you have many things to do | |1+2+3+4+|1+2+3+4+|1+2+3+4+|1+2+3+4+|1+2+3+4+|1+2+3+4+|1+2+3+4+|1+2+3+4+| e---------------------------------------------------------------------------- B---------6-7--6------------------------------6-7--6------------------------- G--------6-------6---------------------------6-------6-----7----------------- D-------6----------6---4--------------------6----------6--------------------- A---------------------------------------------------------------------------- E---------------------------------------------------------------------------- I know I shouldn't make things harder for you Than they already are And I would't lose any sleep If you don't come on over in your car CHORUS So why don't you come around some time You know I'm usually here Leave all that bitterness behind I promise I'll try not to leer Things are moving so quickly I feel like I'm really losing touch Seeing you reminds me of days When nothing really mattered very much Repeat CHORUS |///|////| |---

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