Started out just drinking beer I didn't know how or why or what I was doing there Just a couple more made me feel a little better Believe me when I tell you it was nothing to do with the letter GUITAR BREAK: Ran right out of beer, I took a look into the larder No bones nothing I'd better go and get something harder Back in a flash I started on a dash of Jamaica Rum Me and Pat Malone, drinking on our own CHORUS: Oh, the nips are getting bigger Oh yeah, the nips are getting bigger Oh, the nips are getting bigger Yeah, they're getting bigger REPEAT GUITAR BREAK Sometimes I wonder what all these chemicals are doing to my brain Doesn't worry me enough to stop me from doing it again Wiping out brain cells by the million but I don't care Doesn't worry me even though I ain't got a lot to spare REPEAT CHORUS REPEAT GUITAR BREAK (End by repeating first three power chords from guitar break)

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