If you're gonna play along with PVS songs on the CD, tune down a half step. Awesome song this. oooooh yeeeeeeeeeah. Intro riff. This sounds best when you alternate your picking - almost play the two-note chords as if they are single notes. e----------------------------------------- b----------------------------------------- G---------------------5---5---5---8---- D------7---7---7----7---7---7---7---- A---0---0---0---0---------------------- E----------------------------------------- and the verse is.... then the "if it's right bit" goes.... "leave the radio on all day..." Then back to the intro riff..... "and we'll be wired all night - if the money's right" bit... the cool breakdown riff goes.... e---------------------------------------------------- b--------------------------------------------------- G---------------------------------------------------- D-----------------------------------5---7---------- A----------------5---7~~~~~~-------------------- E----0---0------------------------------------------- then it's interspersed with then at the end it goes... "shot in the back...." And the outro is the cool breakdown riff again and the very end goes.... If you wanna know the lead parts, drop me a line. [email protected] also - if you're into supporting local brissy music - visit my band's website.... www.geocities.com/smoothflip_rock

Top songs from Pretty Violet Stain
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