If you're gonna play along with PVS songs on the CD, tune down a half step. Two guitars here -- Shane's guitar is capoed at the 6th fret Lead guitar has no capo. Capoed Guitar.... all chords are relative to the capo. Intro/Verse Bridge ...listen to the CD for this part. Or have a look at the Lead part to get an idea. Refrain... "sliced up in a million pieces..." that is pretty much it for the capoed guitar - the chords are (from low to high) NOW - for lead guitar - it goes like this...... REMEMBER there is NO capo on the lead guitar. Intro Hook... put it on your bridge pickup to fill it out and round it off a bit. e ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- b -------------------------14---12---11------------------------------------------- G ------------------11----------------------11----------------11\10------------- D ------------11-------------------------------------11h13-------------11-------- A -------9---------------------------------------------------------------------------- E ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- e ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- b -------------------------14---12---11-------------9h11---9-------------------- G ------------------11----------------------11----------------------11~~---------- D ------------11---------------------------------------------------------------------- A -------9----------------------------------------------------------------------------- E -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- the lead guitar plays nothing until the Bridge - when it doubles Shane's guitar in different chord voicings... Palm mute these a bit... e ---------------------------------------------------------------2------------------------ b ---------------------------------------------------------------2------------------------ G -------------------------------------8---8---8---------------3------------------------ D -------------------------------------6---6---6------4---4---4----------------------- A --------9------9----9-------9----------------------4---4---4------------------------ E --------6---6/7----6----6/7--------------------------------------------------------- then the bass plays a way cool descending line at the end and you're back into the verse! refrain... e --------------------6------- --------------- b --------------------6-------- --------------- G --------------------6------- -------------- D --------------------8-------- ---6---6----- A -----9---9---9----8-------- ---4---4----- E -----7---7---7----6-------- etc until the last part is a -------------- And those little lead notes in the breakdown go like this.... play these with your fingers instead of the pick. e -----------14~~~-------14-------------------- b -----14-------------------------12----11~~~~ G -------------------------------------------------- And then end the song on an [email protected] also - if you're into supporting local brissy music - visit my band's website.... www.geocities.com/smoothflip_rock

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