Rhubarb from the Album Kamikaze Tabbed by Matt Sheumack ([email protected]) Any comments or questions or abuse feel free to mail me. INTRO: Riff 1. X2 (Gtr 1. Plays first time then Gtr 2 joins) e|------------------------------------------------------------------------------------| B|------------------------------------------------------------------------------------| G|-9h11--11--11--9-11-11--11b--11B--9-11--9-------------------------------------------| D|-0------0---0--0--0--0---0----0---0--0--0--9h11--11--11--9-11--9--------------9-----| A|-------------------------------------------0--0---0---0--0--0--0--11--11--11--0--11-| E|-------------------------------------------------------------------0---0---0------0-| VERSE 1: Maybe i can get u in Spend my time on you again Leave our (Riff 1.) tickets at the door (Riff 1.) We're not paying anymore PRE-CHORUS: Riff 2. e|-------------------------------------------------------------------------| B|-------------------------------------------------------------------------| G|-11/13--13--13-11/14--14--14--14-14---11/13--13--13-11/14--14--14--14-14-| D|--0-----0---0--0-------0---0---0--0----0-----0---0--0-------0---0---0--0-| A|-------------------------------------------------------------------------| E|-------------------------------------------------------------------------| CHORUS: When its time to Go i'll meet you in the Parking lot we'll escape like a Kamikaze But its late and your tired and we're safe beneath the summer sky You and me we Kamikaze BRIDGE: (Riff 1.) X2 VERSE 2: Just to live is want But this change what i need And i'm not (Riff 1.) wasting another life (Riff 1.) We can find somewhere to hide PRE-CHORUS: (Riff 2.) CHORUS: INTRUMENTAL: Riff 3. X4 e|--------------------------------------------------------------| B|--------------------------------------------------------------| G|-9---9--9--9/11-11-11/14--14-14-14-14-14-14-14\9--------------| D|--------------------------------------------------------------| A|--------------------------------------------------------------| E|--------------------------------------------------------------| VERSE 3: (Riff 1.) Call me up when your alone (Riff 1.) We can find somewhere to go (Riff 1.) We can Pick it up again (Riff 1.) And we'll see the morning in PRE-CHORUS: (Riff 2.) CHORUS: End: (Riff 3.) X5

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