I saw a request for this song, and hey why not it's a great party tune! This was the "Crawl's" first single in approx. August 1979. This song appeared on the first album "The Boys Light Up", and also on: Crawl File (greatest hits); The Final Wave (live last concert); More Wharf (greatest hits). I have quickly Tabbed out an approximation for the two main parts below. Listen to the CD to get the timing, it is pretty straight forward. The remainder of the song consists of the pattern below, once again listen to the CD to get the feel of this. | / / / | Didn't have a guitar with me when I put the chord symbols over the words. You may need to make some slight adjustments to these positions. The intro riff can also be played up around the nineth fret if you like. INTRO RIFF E------------------5- ---3---2---3---2----------------------------------------------- B---------3--5---------------------------------3--3--2--------------------------------- G---2--4---------------------------------------------------4--2--0--2----(rpt x 1)- D---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- A---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- E---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- CHORUS RIFF . . . . . E------------------------------------------------------------------------- B------------------------------------------------------------------------- G------------------------------------------------------------------------- D---7------4-------------------------------------------------------------- A---7------4-----------5----5--4--------2------------------------------------ E---5------2-----------------------------------------5-------3-------(rpt x 3)-- VERSE 1 I said beautiful people, they got a Robert Palmer T-shirt in their travel bag Beautiful people, they've got a price upon their head I said beautiful people, have got some friends who just flew in from L.A. yeah Beautiful people, they haven't really much to say. Driff I said people, they just want to take you Driff People, they just want to make you Driff People, they just want to bring you down, they just want to take you down VERSE 2 I said beautiful people, they ride two hundred dollar push-bikes in the park Beautiful People, they won't admit it but they make love in the dark Beautiful people, snap frozen potted palms in the corner of the living room Beautiful people, the art deco sonic boom CHORUS INSTRUMENTAL VERSE 3 Beautiful people, you know they're going out tonight to get their Bombay rocks off Beautiful people, they've got Kerouac condition, got a cocaine cough Beautiful people, studio 54 is the only place to dance Beautiful People, you know the garden's full of furniture the house is full of plants CHORUS x 2

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