A música segue assim : () I wanna tell you about my mountain home, where all the ladies names are Joan Where husband works back late at night - hopes are up for trousers down with the hostess on the business flight Taxi in a mercedes drive - I hope that drivers coming out alive That garden in his door-sitive, that lady is so coarse-ative she's got fifty ways to lead that boy astray She's his one and only but that lovely, she's so lonely - she pumps him full of breakfast and she sends him on his way Bridge One sing-song dance, one per-for-mance, one cheap day show, oh no no no no no Then the boys light up, then the boys light up, then the boys light up, then the boys light up V2 Silently she opens the drawer - mother's little helper is coming out for more Strategically positioned before the midday show The back is arched, those lips are parched, repeated blow by blow And later at the party, where all the MPs rave About the hummers* she's been givin' and the money that they've saved For her it's just skin lotion, and promotion too That flat in Surfer's Paradise with the ocean view Repeat bridge Repeat chorus

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