Tabbed by Craig D. 
Verse 1 
  I said hey do you remember, where we used to sit 
All them summer rubber necks kept coming, to panel van the street 
We just a yacht club dancing, city girls were rich 
I?m going to sneak you out my window at four in the morning, gonna meet them on the beach 
Lakeside, lakeside, lakeside, steal away, hide away 
Lakeside, lakeside, lakeside, I just can?t wait, I just can?t wait 
Verse 2 
  I got a terrific Torana, a green hand going to wave bye bye 
I got the CB shuffle and the dashboard muffle, pilots twitch in my eye 
I?ve seen them from the mallway, supermarket spy 
From the frozen goods section, the delicatessen, I?ve seen them racing by. 
Chorus (x2) 
They?re going to wallow in the shadows, great puce hippo 
BBQ and blubber, please don?t show, please don?t show 
They?re going to steal my sand space, out where comperes go 
You shoulda seen em in bathers, no hero, no hero 
Verse 3 
   I said hey, do you remember, going crusing for a nude 
Spot pickin? ?em , sand kickin? them, all the lousy and the lewd.