Bye Bye Birdie


transcribed by Ian Gray ([email protected]) Key: h^ = hammer-on b^^ = bend (whole step) ~ = Vibrato I want to stand so still that I can feel the earth moving beneath my feet And from this position I will rise Right on, right on, right on Wa hoo Wa hoo Wa hoo I'm pleased to meet cha (repeat) I hung my washing on the line and there's my favourite shirt with the cars on it And then the sun fell from my eyes And I'm gone, and I'm gone, and I'm gone Wa hoo x 3 I'm pleased to meet cha Wa hoo x 3 I'm pleased to meet cha Get it on! Get it on! Get it on! Get it on! (repeat) Solo: E--------12--------12------------------------12--------12-------------- B----------------------14--12-14-12------------------------14--14b^^~-- G-12h^13----12h^13--------------------12h^13----12h^13----------------- D---------------------------------------------------------------------- A---------------------------------------------------------------------- E---------------------------------------------------------------------- E--------12--------12-------------------------------------- B----------------------14----12-12-12-11--10~~---10b^^~~--- G-12h^13----12h^13----------------------------------------- D---------------------------------------------------------- A---------------------------------------------------------- E---------------------------------------------------------- Get it on! Get it on! Get it on! Get it on! (repeat) Get it on! (V) Get it on! Get it on!

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