Australia Schtum by Custard transcibed by stephen Intro: e-1-----------565------------------------------- b----3-1---------------------------------------- g--------3-2------------------------------------ d----------------------------------------------- a------------------3-5-7------------------------ verse; e-1--------------------------------------------- b-1--3-1---------------------------------------- g----3-2-3-2--232------------------------------- d--------3-3--333------------------------------- repeat then play ---3-----------1-----------3----5--------------- ---3-----------1-----------3----6--------------- ---o-----------2-----------0----7--------------- ---0-------0---3-----------0----7--------------- ---2-----1-----3---0-2-0---2----5--------------- ---3---3-------1-----------3----x--------------- repeat the whole verse again chorus: floating onthe water the floor is far behind repeat second half of verse whistlimg bit: e-13--10-8-10---------------------------------- b-------------10------------------------------- repeat this once then play second half of verse again then play the chorus once then second half of verse again the song ends with something like this e---13-13-12-13-10----------------------------- b---13-13-12-13-10----------------------------- repeating and changing and innovating in some places, have fun with it ps my guitar may be outof tune when i worked this out and if you live in newcastle check out the band Paul Bourke and the Floormen

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