Tabbed by [email protected] 
Here's a great song by a great Australian band, I heard this during Triple  
J's, " Live at the Wireless " and was immediatly impressed.  The lyrics I  
have written down are way out, when I listened to it I couldn't understand  
a thing but I tried my best. 
   --------------   x4 
Verse 1: (the lyrics on the second line are way out) 
   See your son turn strongly across you 
   Remember river in you  
   Sifting through all the crap on the river bed 
   Search and Loose ahhhh... 
    Well we might as well be gone 
    Where sinking as we swim along 
    Said it's not our time 
    We laugh at what we left behind 
    Might as well be gone 
    Well tell him here's this to his song 
    Said its not our time 
    We laugh at what we left behind 
Verse 2: (same chords as first verse) 
    See me swervin' oh the scrathes from here 
    I have lost this sound 
    How we shared many are here 
    Time to climb back down 
Repeat chorus 
Bridge:  x4 (repeat section twice) 
Back to chorus: 
Outro: (play intro once) 
If there are any mistakes you picked up please e-mail me on  
[email protected] I will be glad to here a reply. If anyone has You 
 I tablature could you please send it to me, thanks. I know the lyrics are