from: Los Sando Grungo Del Suedo lo bohemo mid-class fugitivo Tabbed by Brian Ree ([email protected]) Intro: e------------------------------------------- b-7--7--7----7--7-----7--7------------------ g-7---9--9-7--9---9-7--9--9-7-9-11-11-9-9-7- D-7----------------------------------------- A------------------------------------------- E------------------------------------------- e------------------------------------------ b-7-7--7----7-7----7-7--------------------- g-7--9--9-7--9-9-7--9-9-7-9-12-12-11-9SL7-- D-7---------------------------------------- A------------------------------------------ E------------------------------------------ Ruben Tracey I know him well He drinks Resches at the Captain Cook Hotel Down by Botany Bay,By the refineries Lifting hides all day, inside a tannery Chorus: I wanna lay in the arms of the ones that I love, forever and ever I wanna lay in the arms of the ones that I love, forever and ever In Booralee Park, he shared his Dalwood claret Watching trucks rattle off to the markets As the moon hung above it's weary smile Behind the beaming clock at Felton Textile Repeat Chorus From Central Platform Number4 Amongst the slammin of the rail yard doors Safe from the blood of the workshop floor Why can't you be happy Why can't you be happy Why can't you be happy Roll the Ruby the taste of nicotine Wash the taste away don't waste the kerosine Inside every flicker every year is shown And when the ash falls let it burn you to the bone Down by Luna Park its never ever dark And from the swaying pier you can watch the rattlers spark I took a girl once we rode the Big Dipper I thought she was my Cinderella but she couldn't fit the slipper Repeat Chorus Ruben Tracey I know him well He drinks shandy at the Cauliflower Hotel Raise your glass crack a smile He could've worked thirty years at Felton Textiles [email protected]

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