I was just a young boy but I remember well, The red and green streamers flyin outside the Everleigh Hotel, Skinning hearts and knees on a tacked down lino floor, We were walking through the twilight the day John Sattler broke his jaw. We lived eight to a house on Hugo Street in Menzies land of plenty, But there was nothing left in September 1970, My uncle worked the Everleigh railroad yards my dadda a tannery on the Botany shore, But no man worked that Saturday John Sattler broke his jaw. CHORUS: And it's high enough, long enough, straight between the posts, Drink your beer but shed no tears for the days you miss the most, When every step and sill stood shining in black enamel from door to door, When the tears poured out like Reschs the day John Sattler broke his jaw. 2. Saturday morning on the Botany Road walked the lean and mean, >From the pawn shop to the butcher's it was some other man's dream, And by afternoon every man and boy were inside every hotel door, Even the TAB was empty the day John Sattler broke his jaw. 3. Now on the streets of this place that are mostly streets of shame, Where every heart holds no dream and every face has no name, But where every simple hope offers a beautiful reward, That can never be replaced or forever go ignored. Submitted by Ica ([email protected]) UP THE BULLDOGS KEYSIE

Top songs from Perry Keyes and the Stolen Holdens
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