Tabbed by Brian Ree ([email protected]) Additional 'live' lyrics tabbed by Harry Ree Intro: (6X) Sid and Billy took the train from Taree In Central Station at four a.m And they walked up Regent St. in the rain and took a piss against the mortuary fence Six cousins lived on Caroline St Bill was an orphan and he knew no one It was Wednesday, the dole was in the bank We're gonna have a holiday in the sun ____________________________ Chorus Build a bonfire in the street Everyone come around Watch the rain fall like diamonds from heaven on the streets of a black and white town They spent their money at the Courthouse hotel In two days they were flat broke They'd come looking for a brighter dream But found a nightmare deep inside the big smoke Kids with habits that they just couldn't handle People flying by the seat of their pants Blinded by the sights of the high rise lights Staggering, they never had a chance Chorus Build a bonfire in the street Everyone come around Watch the rain fall like diamonds from heaven on the streets of a black and white town Yeah! Go Edmund (*Perry wipes sweat off his brow in Lillee-like fashion) Solo: Goes something like this; e--------------------------------------------------------------- b--------------------------------------------------------------- g--------------------------------------------------------------- D-------------------0-2B3B2---0H2-0----------------------------- A-----0-0-2B3B2--3-3-3------0H3-----2SL5(hold)-7-5-3-2----0-2-0- E--3-3-3-----------------------------------------------3-3-----3 e------------------------------------------------------- b------------------------------------------------------- g------------------------------------------------------- D------------------------------9--10-10-12-10-12-12SL14- A-2SL3SL5SL7SL9--10-10-12-10-12------------------------- E------------------------------------------------------- e----------------------------------------- b--5M-5M-5M-7M-7M-7M-9M-9M-9M-12M-11M-9M-- g--5--5--5--7--7--7--9--9--9--12--11--9--- D----------------------------------------- A----------------------------------------- E----------------------------------------- e-------------------------------------------------------- b-12----12----12----------------12----------------------- g-14B16-14B16-14B16B14-12-14-12-14B16B14-12-----12-14-12- D------------------------------------------14-14--------- A-------------------------------------------------------- E-------------------------------------------------------- e------------------------------------------------- b------------------------------------------------- g-----12--12--15----15-15-15--15----15-15-15------ D----14-14----14B16-----------14B16--------------- A------------------------------------------------- E-----------------------------------------------3- Sid and Billy rolled a drunk in the park They took a low ride up to the station With two flaggons of brown musket and a carton of Winfields They were off to see some more of the nation The sun shone along the tracks The red rattlers shook like sense-a-round But Sid and Billy they felt fuck all Inside the cells of a black and white town Repeat Chorus Any corrections or comments to: [email protected]

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