>From "Live at Victoria on the Park 1992" Tabbed by Brian Ree [email protected] Requested by Paul ICA Craven Openning Riff (also played immediately after each chorus) E----------------------------------------------------- B-3-3--3-0-3---3-3--3-0-3--------3-0-3---1-1-1-------- G--------------2-2--2-2-2----------------------------- D---------------------------2-2--2-2-2---2-2-2-------5 A-2-2--2-2-2----------------2-2--2-2-2---3-3-3--sl-7-- E-3-3--3-3-3---2-2--2-2-2----------------------------- Sandra woeked at the local hotel Brought up near the bright lights Down where the tears fell She'd seen Kevin playing pool But she was never one to suffer fools gladly But she loved him madly Kevin had a chain tattooed on his neck Knew Sandra was a lonesome girl Knew her life was a wreck He took her out one Saturday night The TNT sign burned holes in her eyes He could tell such bitter lies CHORUS Gotta follow that trusted rule You get me and I get you Theres nothing much to say ay ay Sandra's on the way Sandra's on the way She left school when she was fifteen Got a job downtown she was the hip chick on the scene Then one day at home her mum walked out Her whole world came crashing down around her knees So much for TV families Kevin swept the street he was a knockabout bloke He could tell a girl by the look in her eye He could tell a good joke Spent half his wages on the drink Never took time to think a future plan He rode the world in the bottom of his hand CHORUS Eighteen months down the track Kevin and Sandras got a little girl And a Housing Commission flat But they don't do nothing no more Just fight out their own lonely little wars Behind that door Up on the sixteenth floor ..............And they were married in the summertime... Go the Rabbitohs! \../ [email protected]

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