From Who Cares Wins EP 
Tabbed by Brad Launikonis  
	A --4-4-5-----4-4-5----4-4-5----4-4-4-2-2--- 
	E --2-2-3-----2-2-3----2-2-3----2-2-2-0-0--- 
	Rechabite. Yeah Rechabite 
	Rechabite. Just ride it around 
	Take it....... 
	I just fool around with the sound 
	I just skate around over town 
	I go up and down 
	(chorus ends on E chord) 
	Why don't you ride it around? 
	You look so dumb in your stupid car. 
	           >    Last time play this progression 
	 at 10th fret etc. 
	The lyrics are not complete and are just there for the purpose of the tab.
        Also, the very last chord  
	progression maybe wrong. Please send a correction if it is.