Military Strongmen


This song is in 4,4 timing. The intro, although may sound daunting, is piss really. I watched Chris play it on the weekend, so I knew where to play the lead, and then I figured it from there !! Main Riff (Lead) Last Bit of Main Riff (Lead) |------------------| |------------------------------| |-4----------------| |------------------------------| |---5-----5-----5--| |-----5-----5-----5-----5------| |-----4-6---4-6----| |-4-6---4-6---4-6---4-6---4-6--| |------------------| |------------------------------| |------------------| |------------------------------| Verse & Chorus (Rythm) |-Bb5--|-C#5--|-G#5--|-F#5--| It's Nothing Bit (Rythm) |-G#5--|-F#5--|-G#5--|-F#5--|-G#5--|-F#5--|-Bb5--|-Bb5--| x 2 then the song goes into 3,4 for this bit |-C#5--|-G#5--|-Bb5--|-C#5--| x 6 Song ends on |-Bb5--|-C#5--| Military Strongmen - Jebediah hurl abuse by way of cc ([email protected]) or daniel ([email protected])... thanks be to andrew loch for corrections.. yup andrew.. now everyone knows you?re a closet jebediah fan... The basic format for any Jebediah song is a recurring riff over some power chords. So here?s the riff... e------------------------ B--4--------------------- G----5------5-----5------ D------4-6----4-6-------- A------------------------ E------------------------ This is played over a few times before the rest of the band kick in and it?s played during the chorus too. Ok.. and here?s the chord progression: e--1--|--4--|--4--|--2--|-- B--1--|--4--|--4--|--2--|-- G--3--|--6--|--5--|--3--|-- D--3--|--6--|--6--|--4--|-- A--1--|--4--|--6--|--4--|-- E--1--|--4--|--4--|--2--|-- That?s played for the verse and the chorus VERSE I'm on parade, you don't say Why can't you see that Keeping my feelings at bay Why can't you see that, when CHORUS When you're around You just get me down I'm better off without you VERSE All of the years add up to Why can't you see that Something has happened to you Why can't you see that, when CHORUS It's not me It can't be I'd rather leave Its getting hard To be a part Of what is around Is this the situation of the time? If so then you can have yours I want mine C# I know there's something better you could be Now I am past caring completely CHORUS

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