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B-side on Leaving Home single send corrections and complaints to and that doesn?t include you Loch :? Lead Intro Riff e---------------------------------------------------------------------- B--11-13-11-13^-11------11-13-11-13^-11---11-13-11-13^-11-------13-11-- G-------------------12------------------------------------12-12-------- D---------------------------------------------------------------------- A---------------------------------------------------------------------- E---------------------------------------------------------------------- ^ indicates to bend up 2 frets This riff is played twice before the second/rhythm guitar (and the rest of the band) come in. The second guitar (more or less) plays this same progression throughout the song Second Guitar Progression e--1--|--3--|--1--|--1--|-- B--1--|--3--|--1--|--1--|-- G--3--|--4--|--2--|--3--|-- D--3--|--5--|--3--|--3--|-- A--1--|--5--|--3--|--1--|-- E--1--|--3--|--1--|--1--|-- During verses the lead guitar plays single notes that loosely mimic the vocal line.. if you know what I mean. Lead Verse e-------------------------------------------- B------------------------------------11-11--- G---7-7-8-8-5-5--------7-7-8-8-10-10--------- played twice D---------------8-8-------------------------- A-------------------------------------------- E-------------------------------------------- After the Lead Verse bit is played twice the song heads back into the Intro Riff. The second guitar is still playing the same chord progression at this stage. Then to lead into the next chorus-y thype bit the Lead Guitar plays: e--------------------------- B--------------------------- G--8-7-8-10-8-7--8-7-5------ D----------------------8-7-- A--------------------------- E--------------------------- Lead Chorus e------------------------------------------------------------------- B--------------------8-8-8-8-7-7-7-7-------------------8-7-5-------- G--7-7-7-7--8-8-8-8-------------------7-7-7-7-8-8-8-8--------8-7-8-- D------------------------------------------------------------------- A------------------------------------------------------------------- E------------------------------------------------------------------- The song then goes back into the Verse/Chorus sequence Anything else I haven?t put down is easy to work out on your own but I have most of the song down. When the song is closing off with that Intro Riff it goes into a slight variation but playing the normal Intro Riff will still sound fine.

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