Genre Casting


this song doesn't have much guitar in it at all the only time the guitar is init is when the chorus is "sing this chorus" the chords are e----------------- ---------------------------- b----------------- ---------------------------- g----------------- ---------------------------- d--8888/9999-22--- 6666/9999-22--8888/9999-22-- x2(after the first time a--8888/9999-22-x2 6666/9999-22--8888/9999-22-- play in struming patteren) E--6666/7777-00--- 4444/7777-00--6666/7777-00-- and for you people who like the verse riff on bass it goes g-------------------------------------- d-------------------------------------- x5 the the chorus a----------44444444-------------------- E--00000000--------44444444-22222222--- Genre Casting What is this shocking teenager madness It's this week's stunning new sensation Well groomed young men in matching tracksuits Well groomed young men pretend to care so that they can Sing This Chorus These fine young men do it with feeling Not some production line assembly Of all the things you mind less threatening Well groomed young men pretend to care so that they can Sing This Chorus Genre Casting Agency Market Share Demograph Cast a young girl's fantasy percentage Asset risk (lyrics form if u think its wrong but i doubt it mail me on [email protected]

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