Eat Your Blood

Magic Dirt

This is just the lead riff for this song cos cords aren?t really used much in this song part frm the chorus bit which I?ve put in. I haven?t really included timing, but listen to the song and it should be pretty straight forward. . (intro, main riff) e------------------------------------------------------------------------ B-3--5--5--8--7--3-----0--3--5^--8--7--3----0--3----0----0--3----0 G----------------------2-----------------------2--------2----2-------2--- e------------------------------------------------------------------ B-----0--3---0----0--3--0--3--5^--8--7--3----0------------ G--2-------2----2------------------------------2----2---0---- D---------------------------------------------------------------2- (then, tempo speeds up - ?Why don?t you just say it my friend?...? ) e----7-7--5-5-5--7-7--5-5--7-7--5-5-5--7-7--5-5-- (etc) (Chorus - ?Why? Why? Why do you always have to bleed?...?) (then this little high-pitched riff) e--4-4---7-7--6-6-6- x4 (back to intro, slightly variated) (Then this slower bit.... ?Why? Hey Why? I?m gonna ask you...?) e---------------------------------------------------------------------------- B---------------------------------------------------------------------------- G----------0----0-0-0-2----0-0-0-2----0-0-0-2----0-0-0-2----0-0-0-2------ D--2-2-2----2------------2-----------2-----------2-----------2-------------2--- (Chords ?Why do you eat my blud yeah?...?) (Then this little riff...) e------------------------------------------------ B----------------------------------------------- G--4--2--0----0------4--2--4--2--4--7--9-- D------------4-----4--------------------------- x2 e----------------------- B---------------------- G--0--0--0--2------4 D----------------2----- x3 Then, end on: e------------------ B------------------ G--0--0--0--2--4

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