Touch That Space

Magic Dirt

Australia Touch that Space by Magic Dirt (From the Signs of Satanic Youth EP) Transcribed by Andrew Loch ([email protected]) Here's a nice and easy song. The timing of the riffs is only approximate and the chords in some places may be wrong but sound ok. Corrections welcome! Intro and Verse Riff 1 x3 G-2-2-2p0h2h5-- D-------------- A-------------- E-------------- Riff 2 x1 G-2-2-2p0h2h7-5-- D---------------- A---------------- E---------------- Chorus Bridge 1 Bass plays something with lead guitar feedback on A chord (577xxx or xx22xx) Bridge 2 This riff is also played during Bridge 2: G--------------------------------------- D--------------------------------------- A-7-7-7-7h8-7-7-7-7h8-7-7-7-7-8-8-12-12- E---------------------------------------

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