It sounds really hard to play by it's really easy. I should've worked it out ages ago. Take a look... Just play it! The strumming is easy..listen to the song. > slide e------------|------------| B------------|------>-----| G-12--10-----|---5----7---| D--0---0-----|---0----0---| A------------|------------| E------------|------------| (sliding as strumming .. you'll get the hang of probs!) e------------------| B------------------| G-10---9---5---7---| D--0---0---0---0---| A------------------| E------------------| e------------------| B------------------| G--14--12--10---9--| D---0---0---0---0--| A------------------| E------------------| That's basically it! Just repeat where necessary. Have it on distortion. If you've got overdrive as well ... that rocks it hard!! Got a prob with it? e-mail me at [email protected] or throw an abusive comment to me at my guestbook on my Dirt site at

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