CHORDS all power chords (two finger barre chords) |E-A-D-G-B-e| |5-8-8-X-X-X| INTRO the A string drones throughout e------------------------------------- B------------------------------------- G------------------------------------- D-7-/-9-/-12-\-9-10-9---9---9---9---9- A-0-0-0-0--0-0-0--0---8---8---8---8--- E--------------------------------- ----------------------------------------- "I run to you again...." ----------------------------------------- e------------------------ B------------------------ G---7-5-(7)-5------------ D-5-5---------7-/-10-\-7- A------------------------ E------------------------ {when vocals start the lead changes to...} e----------------- B----------------- G---7-5-(7)-5---5- D-5-5---------7-7- A----------------- E----------------- "Do you hide in the corner..." -------------------------------------- "Has the cat got your tongue..." -------------------------------------- e----------------- B----------------- G----------------- D----------------- A----------------- E--8-8-7-10------- "I joined a line..." {-these are the root notes to the chords played along with the chords} --------------------------------------- e------------------------- B------------------------- G----12-9----12-9--------- D-10------10------10-9-12- A------------------------- E------------------------- "Make you lose your brain..." ---------------------------------------

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