*INTRO: Guitar 1- x4 Then Guitar 2 joins in. x4 x4 (then feedback) *VERSE x4 (Repeat that whole verse bit 3 times....feedback.... then play it 3 times again... then more feedback!) *SLOW BIT (played with bits of feedback, then...) When you glance, I defend.........When ya stick the knife in...... When ya stick the knife in........When ya. When ya. When ya stick the knife... (then it quickly changes the pace to this...) (x 4) ...in yeah, stick the knife in. Stick the knife (x5) Stick it in. Stick it in. Yeah. *CHORUS BIT Jumpin in my own heart. Teaing everything apart. (x2) I was cruel (x4) (feedback) I was cruel (x3) Yeah. (with feedback) I was so cruel. (x5) I was so cruel. Oh . Stick it in. Stick the knife. Stick the knife. I was so cruel. I was so cruel. I was so cruel. I was so cruel. I was so cruel I was so cruel I was so cruel. (then just this bit by itself...) (x2) (ending with Adalita whispering...) I was so cruel. I forgot to kiss you. So cruel.

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