Rabbit With Fangs

Magic Dirt

Intro Part 1 G----------- G--4----5----7--- G--5--- D--4--5--7-- D--4----5----7--- D--5--- A----------- x 2 A--2----3----5--- x 2 A--3--- E----------- E---------------- E------ "I've got a cold man.. "He kills mothers.." And he's dead..." Part 2 Chorus >> G---------------- G-11----12--11---7-- D--9----7----8--- D-11----12--11---7-- A--9----7----8--- A--9----10---9---5-- E--7----5----6--- E------------------- "Just one smile.." "If U touch me.." "Just one slave.." "I'll kill U.." The solo is here...by brain cells are not spongy enough to absorb it so e-mail me if you can work the rest of it out! Solo (roll some of the notes) G-------------------------------------------------- D--14-14-14-14-14-14.....16-16-16-16-16------------ A-------------------------------------------------- E-------------------------------------------------- e--------------------------------------------.....? B-----------^----14--------------------^-----.....? G----^----14-16------16--16--18--16--14-16---.....? D--14-16-------------------------------------.....? A--------------------------------------------.....? E--------------------------------------------.....? Back to intro Part 1 Part 2 Chorus Full lyrics are in the EP sleeve or on the many Magic Dirt websites!

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