Transcribed by: Anis Hamid Email: [email protected] -8------3------1----|--------------------------------------------------------- -8------3------1----|--------------------------------------------------------- -9------4------2----|--------------------------------------------------------- -10-----5------3----|--------------------------------------------------------- -10-----5------3----|--------------------------------------------------------- -8------3------1----|--------------------------------------------------------- Main progression for whole song: Lyrics: When I travel I unravel You come out suffocating In the morning I try and solve it I can twist it I can resist it On your shoulder You can smoulder Collar twisted Your head is misted The road's a menace I need a headrest The girls are screaming A movie's screening You are a phantom That I've been countin' When I'm walkin' I hear you talkin' Everthing's burnin' Your eyes are turnin' Just like a candle All I can handle Inside the coffin You put in the lot You come out suffocating Suffocating

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