Baby Won't You Mind My Towel


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(From the EP Hoots Mon) 
Transcribed by Andrew Loch ([email protected]) 
Intro chords:  x2 
Verse 1 
 (8th fret) 
Zippo met her at a party 
She was dancing to Nirvani 
Looking like a cross between 
Melrose Place and Kelly Bundy 
He's just a dumb surfer 
How could he out smart her? 
And what's the very best line he could find? 
Verse 2 
First time they mad eye contact 
Zippo nearly went under 
Her eyes were barrelling 
Right through his whole world 
Her lips said my name's Bliss 
In the middle of a kiss 
And the feminists in the corner thought it foul 
When Zippo said 
 (8th fret) 
Baby won't you mind my towel 
Girl you know I'm in love with you 
Baby won't you mind my towel 
I could be gone for an hour or two 
Verse 3 
Very next day at the beach 
Bliss was perched upon his towel 
Pining for a view 
Of her surfer dude 
Muscle guy went strolling by 
Became the apple of her eye 
Grabbing hold of his hand she was dragged away 
I heard him say