Dissolving Dream


(From the EP Hoots Mon) Transcribed by Andrew Loch ([email protected]) Intro: Verse 1 Disrespected and discarded You're feeling like a castaway Living in a dissolving dream I'm the rubbish at your feet The trash you wish would go away Living in a dissolving dream Chorus 1 The pile is always getting higher Building up on the street As we walk on a tightrope wire Between slumming hope and healthy greed Deceptive as the past Deceptive as reality Is it what you're dreaming of? (7th fret) This is your dissolving dream Watch it wash away Verse 2 Can we gain a voice in culture One that laughs and one that bleeds? Living in a dissolving dream Can we ever really be sure What you say is what you mean? Living in a dissolving dream Chorus 2 Do we bite the hand that feeds us Rather than beg for sympathy? 'Cause the world is a minefield Can I trust you not to destroy me?

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