(From the EP Hoots Mon) Transcribed by Andrew Loch ([email protected]) Intro: G---7-----7--------------------------------------- D--7-7---7-7----7-----7-----5-----5-----5-----5--- A-5---5-5---5--7-7---7-7---5-5---5-5---5-5---5-5-- E-------------5---5-5---5-3---3-3---3-3---3-3---3- Then play the chords instead of picking Verse 1 As I watch the smoke drift by I contemplate my life I doing this for him or just for me? Is my conscience right to tell me to approach this man? Can I be what he wants me to be? Verse 2 Many thoughts of things to come keep running through my mind Take it all or turn and walk away? My future looks so bright ahead but a question eats my mind Can he be as bad as people say? Chorus There's a man who's always watching me He must be waiting for my popularity I wish he'd go away 'cause I don't like him at all He never has a single word to say And when I look at him he turns and walks away He's not a man I know as far as I can recall Final riff (just like intro riff but higher) e----10-------10------5-----5-----3-----3--- B--10--10---10--10---5-5---5-5---3-3---3-3-- G-7------7-7------7-2---2-2---2-0---0-0---0- D------------------------------------------- A------------------------------------------- E-------------------------------------------

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