(From the EP Busted) Transcribed by Gordon and Andrew Loch ([email protected]) Bass Intro: G------------------------- D------------------------- A-------------------3---3- E-5-5-5-5-5---3-3-3------- Gutar intro (played over bass): e------------------ B---10------------- G-9---------------- D---------------5-- A-----------------0 E------------------ Main riff: G-2-------------0h2-5-4-2- D---------0h2p3----------- A---0h2p3----------------- E------------------------- Intro/Verse chords Part 1: G|---|---|-5-| D|-7-|-5-|-5-| A|-7-|-5-|-3-| E|-5-|-3-|---| Part 2 add: G|-7-|-5-| D|-7-|-5-| A|-5-|-3-| E|---|---| Chorus chords: G|---|-5-|---|-5-|-7-|-5-|-7-|-12\-|---|-5-|-7-|-5-|-7-| D|-7-|-5-|-7-|-5-|-7-|-5-|-7-|-12\-|-7-|-5-|-7-|-5-|-7-| A|-7-|-3-|-7-|-3-|-5-|-3-|-5-|-10\-|-7-|-3-|-5-|-3-|-5-| E|-5-|---|-5-|---|---|---|---|-----|-5-|---|---|---|---| Bridge Section ("How much is that image in the window"): e------------------------- B---2-2---2-2---2-2------- G---2-2---2-2---2-2------- D---2-2---2-2---2-2------- A-0-----------0----------- E-------0-----------0-2-4- Final riff is main riff plus: e-------------------------- B----------------12---10--- G-2-4-5-7-9-12----------9-- D------------------------7- A-------------------------- E--------------------------

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