Church Boy


Transcribed by Andrew Loch ([email protected]) Intro: (2nd fret) Verse 1 Passed blessings on the street You wanna help a friend in need I don't need your crutch, it ain't drugs So get off your soapbox this is mine Friendly father in the church Women's clothes won't hide your crime Stolen rights, a sacred boy Is that what an altar's for, stand in line Church boy, don't sic your dogma on me Verse 2 On a mission to convert What better way to make money for god It ain't a gun, it's guilt Spread the word through the world like a disease I don't claim to have the answers That's just part of the difference between you and me All I know is, it ain't right To spread pain and suffering as you have Bass riffs A-3-2-0---|-3-2-0---0- E-------3-|-------3---

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