Cowboys In Rubber Gloves


(From the EP Busted) Transcribed by Andrew Loch ([email protected]) I think this is accurate except for the riff after the chorus. Bass Intro/Verse part 1 (timing approximate): G-----0-2-0------0-2-0------0-2-0------0h2p1-0- D---------------------------------------------- A-3----------3----------3---------------------- E----------------------------------3----------- Guitar for intro and verse part 1 plays chord (x355xx) plus: e--------- B---8----- G-9---9-5- D--------- A--------- E--------- Guitar Verse part 2: G|-7-|-5-|-3-| D|-7-|-5-|-3-| A|-5-|-3-|-1-| E|---|---|---| Guitar verse part 3: G|-7-|-5-|-3-|---|---|---|-7-| D|-7-|-5-|-3-|-3-|-5-|-8-|-7-| A|-5-|-3-|-1-|-3-|-5-|-8-|-5-| E|---|---|---|-1-|-3-|-6-|---| Chorus Part 1: G|---|-9-|---|----|---|---| D|-7-|-9-|-9-|-11-|-9-|-7-| A|-7-|-7-|-9-|-11-|-9-|-7-| E|-5-|---|-7-|-9--|-7-|-5-| Chorus Part 2 G|---|-9-|-7-| D|-7-|-9-|-7-| A|-7-|-7-|-5-| E|-5-|---|---| For the riff after the chorus I hammer-on and pull-off on the 11th and 12th frets of the string. I'm sure it's wrong but it sounds ok. Progression after 2nd chorus: G|-7-|-9-|-7-|-9-|-7-|-9-|-11-| D|-7-|-9-|-7-|-9-|-7-|-9-|-11-| A|-5-|-7-|-5-|-7-|-5-|-7-|-9--| E|---|---|---|---|---|---|----|

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