Follow The Leader


(From the EP Busted) Transcribed by Andrew Loch ([email protected]) Bass riff: G-----------------0-0-------------------------------------------- D-----2-2-3-3-2-2-----3-3-2-2-0-0-----2-2-3-3-2-2---------------- A-3-3-----------------------------3-3-----------------------2-3-2 E-------------------------------------------------3-3-3-3-3------ Verse 1 You only like it for a year or two Then it's not cool anymore Your mumma buys your clothes for you Then you tell her that you're bored Chorus You're not living your own life You're afraid to be yourself You're not living your own life Last trend's on the shelf Verse 2 Why not for once make up your own mind Don't emulate all your friends Listen to what you enjoy For once forget about the trends

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